Bluegrass Music 101

Guitar - Lead Vocals
Bass - Baritone Vocals
Mandolin - Bass Vocals
Fiddle - Tenor Vocals


Performing Area: Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, and Tennessee

Bluegrass 101 based out of Bardstown Kentucky has been performing for about 13 years.
Bluegrass 101 has six recordings released. Bluegrass 101 released their sixth recording in August entitled  "Full Steam Ahead "
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Bluegrass 101 - 2014

Bluegrass 101 was formed in 1994 by Terry and is a hard driving, traditional bluegrass band that enjoys performing for their audience. At the age of 35, Terry began playing bluegrass for the very first time but with his smooth vocals and hard driving guitar playing, you wouldn’t be the wise. Bluegrass 101 will astonish you with their smooth vocal harmony and precise traditional music. “They present a professional image and leave a lasting impression on the audience”. Bluegrass picture With one foot planted firmly in the past and the other looking toward the future. Bluegrass 101 has shared the stage with some of the most known names in the Bluegrass world, such as, Ricky, and Doyle.

Bluegrass 101 has 6 albums recorded to date and received several awards over the years. In 2003, Bluegrass 101 received 1st place at the “Bluegrass Battle of the Bands” competition at the International Bluegrass Music Museum in Owensboro, KY. Terry plays rhythm guitar and sings lead, Michael plays bass and sings baritone,Vernon plays banjo, Jim plays fiddle and sings tenor, and Mark plays mandolin and sings bass. Bluegrass portrayal They entertain at private parties, weddings, bluegrass festivals, concerts, and commercial gatherings.    

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