Bluegrass Music

If you have been wanting to try out some great new tunes and have heard nothing but duds, you're in luck! Here are the top five favorite bluegrass songs. This is a definite must listen if you are looking for bluegrass songs that are more relaxed and laid back than the typical "jam band" style of the genre. Bluegrass icon Listen to the following entry: Merle Fest. See also: Old-Time Stringband Music; MerleFest. Whether wild and light-hearted or somber and slow, the bluesy tunes of bluegrass music have been instantly recognizable by their smooth, high-powered vocal harmonies; perfectly arranged string band instrumental ensemble featuring banjo, guitar, fiddle, and mandolin; and legendary high-lonesome sound that made it one of the world's best known styles of music. This Old Time Music classic is an interesting choice for the best bluegrass song ever written, though not many people will know its origin! Check out the following entry: Old Crow's BluesThis is probably the most popular bluegrass tune and is probably the most recognizable. Listen to the following entry: Stagger LeeWhile many people think this traditional bluegrass songs was born in New England and was popularized in the South during the '60s, it actually got its start in the Midwest and went on to spread all over North America. It has even moved into Canada as a part of their folk/bluegrass culture and has been referred to as Canada's own take on blues.


Listen to the following entry: Ramble on RoseMost of us think that country western is what country western music is all about, but it's not true! This is one of the best bluegrass songs ever written and a true classic. Bluegrass picture Listen to the following entry: Maggie's FarmMany people think country western music is just about cowboys and Indians and are not at all familiar with the great stories and legends that came along with this style of music. Check out the following entry: Maggie's Farm. "Maggie's Farm" was made popular by the song's melody, "Maggie's Farm", which is actually about the original artist, Maggie Bailey sisters. Their story is fascinating and well worth reading if you're interested in learning about this famous bluegrass tune. The actual song was originally recorded by George and Yella Smith, which is known for their incredible singing ability. There is no doubt that there are many other very popular bluegrass songs that have made it to the top of lists such as "I'm Only Sleeping"When Doves Cry," but we've found that these are the top five most played in bars around the country. If you are looking for something to get you rolling in the best way possible, listen to these classic bluesy tunes: Blue Moon of Kentucky and "Miles Under the Sea" for the classic bluesy sound, Old Crow's Blues and Old Timer Blues for the laid back sound, and Stagger Lee and Merlefest for the country style that combines the blues and rock and roll. We guarantee you'll be blown away by the incredible quality and energy of this genre and the timeless beauty of the music itself. For a perfect day or night out with friends, why not try some of the greatest blues and classic sounds of bluegrass music on your next trip to the bar?There are also many country blues music CDs available online that will bring you hours of fun and entertainment.

If you want something easy and affordable to play with, a good choice would be the Country Blues CD collection by Blues Road, which contains a huge variety of great bluegrass songs. The collection is available in both CD and DVD formats. So next time you are at the bar and find yourself stuck for ideas, don't feel bad because you aren't alone! We all have that tendency to listen to our favorite music without trying to figure it out! Blues is one of the most popular styles of music and is loved by people from all backgrounds, including those who live in the suburbs and those who live in rural areas. If you enjoy playing it on your stereo and singing along to it, why not bring your acoustic guitar, and an old pair of shoes to the bar and play the classics of the great blues artists?You will be amazed at how quickly you will loosen up and forget your worries and enjoy a wonderful night. No matter what kind of music you choose to play, you can be sure that there are many places on Earth where bluegrass is still the best!