Guitar Used in Bluegrass

Bluegrass music has been around for many years, but it wasn't until the early 1940's that it became an important part of America's musical culture. The original American Bluegrass musicians were named The Blue Grass Boys, who later changed their name to The Monkeys. Their songs, "Take Me Out to The Ball Game," "I'm In Love Again," and "Merry Go Round" would all be familiar to anyone who listens to the popular blues and gospel recordings of that time.

Bluegrass music is actually a hybrid of traditional American country music and Americana music styles. The genre was developed during the late 1940s in the Appalachian area of the US. The original band name for this particular style of music was Bill Monroe and his Blue Grass Boys. While it has been called a blend of traditional American folk music style with classical influences, the influence of blues and gospel goes far beyond this. Like country, blues and gospel music use various instruments, including drums, guitar, mandolin, upright bass, banjo, saxophone, violin, and even cowbell. Blues music is usually played on acoustic guitars, but some blues players like to use electric guitars as well. However, the acoustic guitar is the most common instrument used in traditional bluegrass sets. The second main type of guitar used in bluegrass is the steel guitar.


This is the instrument commonly known as the "rhymes six." This is because the six strings of the guitar are not usually played together in a traditional way. The third type of guitar is the country guitar. This type of guitar is similar to an acoustic guitar in some ways, but it also uses a pick rather than a thumb. Musicians graphic The pick of the country guitar is used to pluck notes in the traditional blues style. The fourth type of guitar used in bluegrass is the nylon stringed instrument. These are the instruments that you hear played at country or western concerts, but they are not part of the original form of the genre. There are many variations of these four types of instruments, and many other variations of guitar. As you can imagine, there are many types of music genres and each has their own special characteristics and techniques. The basic types of guitar used in bluegrass are the acoustic, electric, lap steel, and folk guitar. Of course, if you look at any concert of modern country, pop, jazz, or blues music, you will find that all the performers are using these four types of guitar. However, it is the guitar that is most often referred to as the true form of country music. Some of the most famous examples of these four categories of guitars are acoustic, folk, acoustic/electric, lap steel, and traditional blues style guitar. Of course, there are others of course, but these are the four most popular guitarists and they all use these instruments. In fact, many older generations of bluegrass musicians will tell you that their greatest heroes were often acoustic guitarists or even the very first country/western musicians who had been influenced by blues music styles. Bluegrass illustration One other important thing to note about this music genre is the use of rhythm. Blues guitar is most often played with the beat of a drum beat. However, the beat is played on each string of the instrument. The reason being is so that it can be easier for the guitarist to play the chords, as well as so that it can be easier to hit a specific chord. Blues guitarists who do not have rhythm playing experience will often try to play the chords by ear. While this is an effective technique, many people do not enjoy this method of learning the guitar because they think it is difficult and it takes them longer to learn. Finally, another important part of this music is the "song structure." In blues music, the chords that make up a song are not repeated in exactly the exact same order every time.